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Notalgic - NOTe tAker for nostaLGIC

Notalgic - NOTe tAker for nostaLGIC

·Jun 30, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • For whom codes all the day ⌨️, and old-fashioned people! 🕰️
  • What's this?

For whom codes all the day ⌨️, and old-fashioned people! 🕰️

My dear friends, this is Casiimir speaking. I have spent too many days on this but the truth is that not to much... Days have gone by so fast, and a lot of features are missing... (responsive first of all 😭) but now the time is due. I therefore welcome the opportunity to present my final project during this #hackathon: #LinodeHackathon ! Before we start, congratulations are in order.

Thank you #Hashnode for this opportunity and a big thank you also to all the staff behind #Linode. I'm really honored to be included.

The new(aphorism) to solve any problem is:

"Sometimes you can't plan. Beauty, in charge of everything, silently comes..."

  • cit. I0mntrt1grd3le

What's this?


Notalgic is a very useful web app that's basically create notes but in a different way! It makes possibile access to your Google account in order to write stunning text. Available in any (vintage) font - more than 25! - and different stunning led neon colors!

The web app takes the user by the hand and guides him towards infinite cascades of words: writers, coders, artists, students, come here! There's an app for you!

Fun fact: The code is very stable and future features are coming!

There are also instructions!!

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 18.54.19.png

A (very) strange tale...

This project is born from a simple idea: i want to make my personal note app. But, I mean, it's a stupid thing, right? No! Absolutely! Even less if you use:

  • VUE 3
  • Pinia
  • Typescript
  • Vite
  • Nginx
  • Linode
  • Firebase
  • ... and code all the project in remote, via ssh :D!

It was a strange fight, challenging of course, but full of gratifications.

Sad note: after days of A.I. implementations (yes, I wanted to create a little word checker for the text moderation - Natural Language Processing) I had to delete the two commits because out of time 😓)

Features include ✔️

These are all qualities which are to be appreciated:

  • A complete note handler!
  • A stunning neon color changer!
  • Different font typos!
  • Very, very, incredible fast!
  • Intuitive and minimal view!
  • Open Source, under the MIT License, available on Github
  • More features very soon!

Final result


Thank you to Hashnode for this opportunity and to all the staff of #Linode. I'm honored to be here!

Finally, thank you reader too, it's incredibly important for me that you are here with me!

Demo Repo

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